Stainless Steel Enclosures of material SS 316, acid proof, thickness 1,2 mm (1,5 mm).

Enclosures for very demanding ares. IP66, -20 C to + 80 C. Silicon gasket. Grinded finish. 

18 diffrent standard sizes. Other customized sizes also according to customers needs.

We can also offer the needed fabrications, penetrations and drilling holes.


ModelDescriptionOrder no.LenghtWidthHeight3D/CAD files
SSJ1Stainless steel34 391 51100100613D/CAD
SSJ2Stainless steel34 391 52150100613D/CAD
SSJ3Stainless steel34 391 53150150813D/CAD
SSJ4Stainless steel34 391 54200100613D/CAD
SSJ5Stainless steel34 391 55200200813D/CAD
SSJ6Stainless steel34 391 562002001213D/CAD
SSJ7Stainless steel34 391 57300150813D/CAD
SSJ8Stainless steel34 391 58300200813D/CAD
SSJ9Stainless steel34 391 593002001213D/CAD
SSJ10Stainless steel34 391 603003001213D/CAD
SSJ11Stainless steel34 391 613003001613D/CAD
SSJ12Stainless steel34 391 623803801613D/CAD
SSJ13Stainless steel34 391 63400150813D/CAD
SSJ14Stainless steel34 391 644002001213D/CAD
SSJ15Stainless steel34 391 654003001613D/CAD
SSJ16Stainless steel34 391 665003001613D/CAD
SSJ17Stainless steel34 391 675004001613D/CAD
SSJ18Stainless steel34 391 686002001213D/CAD

Drawings available on the site Sähkö, push the product number / Order no., "mittapiirros" (drawing)

IP, CE and ROHS certification available.

Stainless.steel.1 Stainless.steel.2