Aluminum Enclosures, NEW, IP66-68 and IK09

Wide range of aluminum enclosures, surface chromated and coated with RAL-7035 Grey, available also in other colors, e.g. black or red.

The enclosures work perfectly in locations where durability and reliability are key requirements, IP and IK class guarantee the performance.

DIN-rail mounting ensures compatibility with various terminals and components.

Wide range of enclosure sizes, 8 models in stock. Non-stock sizes by special order, or from our range of other models, smaller or bigger boxes.

Enclosures are delivered empty or equipped with customer specific components.

ColorModelDescriptionOrder no.DINIPStock3D/CAD files
RAL-7035RJ0150x45x30 w*l*h34 391 00-66-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ0298x64x3434 391 01-66-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ03150x64x3434 391 02-66-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ0458x64x3434 391 03-66-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ0575x80x5734 391 04TS1566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ06125x80x5734 391 05TS1566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ07175x80x5734 391 06TS1566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ08250x80x5434 391 07TS1566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ09100x100x8134 391 08TS1566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ10160x100x8034 391 09TS1566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ11122x120x8134 391 11TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ21220x120x8134 391 12TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ22122x120x9134 391 13TS3566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ12220x120x9034 391 14TS3566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ15160x160x9134 391 15TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ13260x160x9034 391 16TS3566-68Yes3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ14360x160x9034 391 17TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ28180x180x10034 391 18TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ29280x180x10034 391 19TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ19230x200x11334 391 20TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ17280x230x11034 391 21TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ18330x230x11034 391 22TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ30200x230x18034 391 23TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ20330x230x18034 391 24TS3566-68-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ31400x310x11034 391 25TS3566-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ32400x310x18034 391 26TS3566-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ33600x310x11034 391 27TS3566-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ34600x310x18034 391 28TS3566-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ35400x230x11034 391 29TS3566-3D/CAD
RAL-7035RJ36140x140x11034 391 30TS1566-68Yes3D/CAD

Manufactures brochure, english

Model RJ25, 34 391 10 not anymore availbale. 9.11.2016

Exampels of modifications:

 RJ22.Holkkitiivisteell.7kpl  Alkotelo kalustettu
 RJ05.2  RJ05.3xm20.2
 IMG 0811  Enclosure 3303 attached with DIN-clips to a DIN-rail: