SOCKET OUTLET 16 A, 230 V, IP 68

Socket Outlet for extremely tough installations. IP68, weather and water proof.

Box IK09, passivated aluminium enclosure (chromated).

Acid-resistant screws. Socket: 230VAC/16A 2p+E, hammer proof, robust.

Varying penetrations possible, M20/M25, Nickel plated brass cable gland.

- M20 6-12 mm cables / M25 11-17 mm cables

ColorFasteningModelDescriptionOrder no.Marine modelCable Ø mm3D/CAD files
RAL-7035SCHUKO IP68 /1230VAC/16A 24 018 01YesM20 6-123D/CAD
RAL-7035SCHUKO IP68 /2230VAC/16A 24 018 02YesM20 6-123D/CAD
RAL-7035SCHUKO IP68 /9230VAC/16A 24 018 03YesM20 6-123D/CAD
RAL-7035KAKSOIS-SCHUKO IP68 230 3p (2P+PE) 24 019 01Yes7-193D/CAD
H925001 Socket Plug IP6724 490 103D/CAD



Schukotulppa.IP68 SchukoIP68paketti

Dual-Socket, 24 019 01:

24 019 01 

400V 16A, 32A, 63A, 5-pin and IP67 versions also possible! 


e.g. 972401810X 400V, IP67, 16A 

IMG 9673X

IMG 9671X