SOCKET OUTLET 16 A, 230 V, IP 68

Socket Outlet for extremly tough installalations! IP68, weather and water proof.

Box IK09, aluminium enclosure with chromatation as ground, painted with grey RAL-7035.

Acid-resistance screws. Socket: 230VAC/16A 2p+E, hammer proof, robust.

Different penetrations possible, M20/M25

- M20 6-12 mm cables / M25 11-17 mm cables

ColorFasteningModelDescriptionOrder no.Marine modelCable Ø mm3D/CAD files
RAL-7035SCHUKO IP68 /1230VAC/16A 24 018 01YesM20 6-123D/CAD
RAL-7035SCHUKO IP68 /2230VAC/16A 24 018 02YesM20 6-123D/CAD
RAL-7035SCHUKO IP68 /9230VAC/16A 24 018 03YesM20 6-123D/CAD
RAL-7035KAKSOIS-SCHUKO IP68 230 3p (2P+PE) 24 019 01Yes7-193D/CAD
H925001 Socket Plug IP6724 490 103D/CAD



Schukotulppa.IP68 SchukoIP68paketti

Dual-Socket, 24 019 01:

24 019 01 

400V 16A, 32A, 63A, 5-pin and IP67 versions also possible! 


e.g. 972401810X 400V, IP67, 16A 

IMG 9673X

IMG 9671X