Throug accessories e.g. with metric to suits PG helical,

ModelDescriptionOrder no.3D/CAD files
PG16/M20 adapterShort version, aluminum 1)P2430023D/CAD
PG 16 / M20 adapterNickel plated brassH2161603D/CAD
M20 entryCable Ø 6-12mm IP68 2)Kysy/Ask3D/CAD
PG16 entryCable Ø 10-14mm IP68Kysy/Ask3D/CAD
PK29 / PK16PlasticH0172933D/CAD


Cable glands IP67, strain relief, nickel plated brass

1) The installation, use thread sealant or the like. Sealant

2) If necessary, use the PM 16 / M20 adapter