LED-4700 3,1W & 6,3W

Thanks to its sturdy construction, the luminaire is suited to use in wet areas in industry and sites where there is a large danger of breakage. The globe is of impact-resistant poly­carbonate and is mounted with four screws.

The light is more energy efficient, w/lm is higher. Weight of the luminaire has dropped with 25 % (0,2 kg) referring to the PL-9W fluorescent-light.

IMG 3071

ColorWeightModelDescriptionOrder no.Marine modelVoltageFrequencyPower WLumen3D/CAD files
RAL-70350,74700OPAL43 071 56Yes220-240V50-60 Hz 6,34933D/CAD
RAL-70350,74700OPAL43 071 53Yes220-240V50-60 Hz 3,12293D/CAD
RAL-70350,74700-C/USOPAL97430715312USYes120V 60 Hz3,12293D/CAD
RAL-70350,94700 High Heat temp.OPAL974307156HTSTYes220-240V50-60 Hz6,34933D/CAD
Brown0,74700OPAL43 071 03Yes220-240V50-60 Hz 3,12293D/CAD
Brown0,74700OPAL43 071 06Yes220-240V50-60 Hz 6,34933D/CAD
Brown0,74700-C/USOPAL97430710312USYes120V 60 Hz3,12293D/CAD
RAL-70350,84700-Shield frame OPAL43 071 93Yes120-240V50-60 Hz3,12293D/CAD
RAL-70350,84700-Shield frame OPAL43 071 96Yes120-240V50-60 Hz6,34933D/CAD

Datsheet LED-4700 , technical information (English)

NEW! 4700-serie shield frame

Light distribution files, IES. & LDT.

All types document sheet

- 974307156HTST, High Heat temp., for areas with max. ambient +60-70 ºC. Equipped with 2xSkintop cable glands, 10-14mm Ø

Customer specifications. Ask for more information

LED 6W 24V DC and 12V DC 3W, models available. Ask for more information

3D files of products.

Terminals 2 x 4 mm2 + 1 x 2.5 mm2. OPAL Globe. The globes are also available painted or with text labels. The colour of the luminaire frame is brown, by special order also other colors.


 IMG 3071  LED-4700 Kuva  
 43 071 53 / 43 071 56   43 071 03 / 43 071 06  
 IMG 2928                                                                                           
 EXIT-Cover, 3,1W